If it is November, It must be craft season

November starts my holiday engine roaring.  So many cookies to make.  So many parties to attend.  And so many decorations to put up.

I have been pinning ideas on my boards in Pinterest for months.  Now it is time for me to actually do something with them.  Remember I am craft impaired so this is scary.  With sweaty palms I leafed through the possibilities and decided to start small.  Like Christmas ornament small.  I found ones that I absolutely loved and  they sounded so easy.

C ornament

Nothing could be easier, right?

The problem starts when I click on the pin.  Oops, can’t be found.  All I have to go on is “put drops of acrylic paint inside clear bulb/ornament, then shake”.  Even I should be able to do that.  Off I go for supplies.

Do you know how many types of clear ornaments there are?  Since I have no idea of what I am doing, I randomly select 3 types.

glass blubs

Next up is paints.  Yes, it says acrylic paint but there is row after rows of acrylic paints.  Different colors, different finishes and different makes.  Talk about being overwhelmed.  I decided on a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I can always use them on another craft.  At least that is how I justified buying 50 million different bottles.


Do you think I may have gone overboard?

The moment of truth arrived.  I arrange my work area. Put newspaper down because I know I will slop.  Get a comfy chair.  Adjust the lights.  Now the fun starts.

I picked out three colors that I thought would look nice together.   Thankfully it is easy to take the top off the ornament since there is no direction.  I  put in a couple of drops of each color and then shook it.  Nothing happened. This time I vigorously shook it.  Nothing happened.  It appears that acrylic paint doesn’t shake well since it is thick.  That wasn’t fun.  My mind immediately looked for a bright side like I could now get to claim a Pinstrosity.  Have you seen that site?  It is really a fun read.

Then I got mad.  This just can’t be all that difficult.  Back to Pinterest to see if I can find some help.  A Yellow Bicycle‘s account of this craft encouraged me with her calm, easy tone.  With a deep breath, I tried once again. Failure again since I used too much paint.  I was bound and determine that I was going to make an ornament.   Along the way I had even more failures but in the end I think I get to claim success.


The finished Ornament. Now I just need a tree

The scary thing is I have 64 Christmas related pins not including food related ones.  I wonder what trouble I can get into next.  And those failed ornaments?  With 20 ornament pins, I am sure I can do something with them.

What I did

Once I got the hang of it, it really is easy.  You start by adding a few drops of the various colors into the glass ornament and then keep moving the ornament around so the paint moves.   This is very similar to watching paint dry.  The paint moves really s-l-o-w.


You add more paint when it stops moving so you can get all areas covered.  As the areas get filled in, you have to peak through small windows trying to see the s-l-o-w-l-y moving paint in order to figure out which way to make the ornament.  Once all the areas are covered, you can continue swirling your colors or put the bulb in a static position.  The paint keeps running in what ever direction you have as down.


Areas covered and now ready for colors to mix

I put the ornament outside down in a plastic cup.  This did two things.  The first it got rid of all the extra paint inside the ornament.  The second thing is that it integrated the colors more so you didn’t have just blotches of color but that is a personal taste thing.

Draining Ornament

Check it after a couple of hours.  If you leave it too long you will get small areas without paint.  Of course I did that and found I could add more paint in to fill them up.

What I learned

    1. Don’t put too much paint in at one time or it comes out muddled
    2. When you put the paint in, overlap the colors.  It makes it more interesting when the colors mingle
    3. 3 or 4 colors work depending on the colors chosen
    4. You need to have at least one color that is high contrast
    5. The pearl and metallic give the most depth
    6. I preferred the Martha Stewart or Folk Art.  My least favorite was Ceramcoat.  I based my preference  on how the paint flowed and colored.
    7. The large round ornament was best though the non-round ornaments provided some interesting looks

Completed Ornaments

4 thoughts on “If it is November, It must be craft season

  1. These are so pretty. Just wanted to share a tip I found to do same thing, but with glitter. In this case they say add a little Future Floor Finish to the inside first to help it swirl around and coat the inside. Wondering if it would work same way with acrylic paint? ONLY one way to find out, right!

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